Maynard Dixon Campout Invitational

I recently received an invitation to participate in a new event, The Maynard Dixon Invitational Campout.  I’ll be joining a great crew of artists at the Maynard Dixon Home/studio in southern Utah from May 13-16.  We’ll all paint and hang out and have a wet painting sale on May 16th.  As a part of the event there is an online store with paintings available for purchase, including “Cape Royal Color” and “Wet Feet.”

Honestly, I don’t know what excites me more, the chance to paint in an incredible corner of Utah this coming spring, or the chance to hang out with so many great artists, (including Jill Carver, Russell Case, Bill Cramer, Mark Fehlman, Marc Hanson, Kim Lorider, Denise La Rue Mahlke, Cloin Page, Ray Roberts, Randall Sexton, and Bryan Mark Taylor- and that’s just a partial list!) I can’t wait to see what everyone else paints in this magical corner of the world!

So, mark your calendars and plan a road trip to see the best new event around!

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