Growing Pains

I’ve written a very personal column on failure, fear, and risk for the latest issue of The Pastel Journal.  While there is a preponderance of advise on how to succeed in art, there is little said on the reality of failure.  I thought it would be helpful to share some of my experiences with failure, the fear of failure, risk and its relation to growth.  Without saying any more, I encourage you to pick up a copy of the magazine.  You don’t have to be a pastelist, or even an artist to relate to the issue raised in the article.  Here’s where you can order or download a copy: Pastel Journal.

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  1. Hi Aaron, I met you briefly last fall at the Grand Canyon Plein Air reception. I just finished reading your article in Pastel Magazine and I want to say THANK YOU. It is just what I needed to hear – especially from an accomplished artist whose work I admire! I am one of those artists, who after studying art in college, ended up in a non-art career. Now returning to painting later in life has been an interesting journey, full of self-doubt. I am encouraged by what you said in your article to reach out and just let myself have fun with my art. Thank you so much for your honest and insightful words!!


  2. I also just read your article in Pastel Journal. Very important subject too often ignored, so thanks for writing it! Great photo of you surrounded by your “failed paintings” which for most of the world would be considered successes. I will be attending my first IAPS convention and see you are doing a demo. Although I am signed up for someone else, I just may have to switch (if possible) to yours based solely on your article. I think I would learn much from you!


    • Thanks Lynn! I’m really looking forward to the IAPS convention- I’ve never been before. Be sure to introduce yourself, even if it doesn’t work out to come to the demo. There will also be critique sessions set up at the convention if you are interested. Best to you in your creative endeavors!


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