Western Art Week

During Western Art Week collectors, artists, and gallery owners from all over the country converge on Great Falls, Montana to participate in one of the biggest art festivals this side of the Mississippi.  This year I had a couple paintings in “The Russell” an auction to support the CM Russell Museum, as well as paintings in Legacy Gallery and Illume Gallery rooms at the “Way out West Show.” Here are a few pics from the show.

While it is a great opportunity to connect with collectors, it also provides the time to catch up with other artists and see what they have produced.  Next up is the Plein Air Convention in Monterey, CA!  Here’s a pic of the incomparable Carolyn Anderson painting a portrait during the show.

Carolyn Anderson painting

Carolyn Anderson painting

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  1. Was hoping to send a photo to you which I took of you(while painting at Plateau Point last Wednesday evening.
    I’m the dentist from Louisiana who was in a small group from Louisiana guided by Jeremy Williams of Four Seasons Guide Services.
    Read as much of your article about facing failure as was available.



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