A Grand Adventure: The Work

Perhaps my biggest surprise for the Grand Canyon trek was that it worked so well.  To catch you up: for this year’s Grand Canyon Celebration of Art I decided to start at the North Rim and backpack/paint my way the 23 miles across to the South Rim over six days.  Along the way I’d camp two nights at Cottonwood, two at Bright Angel, and one at Indian Garden.  What could possibly go wrong?  In my mind, a lot.

Happily, I exited the canyon after six days with a dozen pastel paintings and a profound need of a shower!  The experience was transformative.

I thought I’d just start with sharing some pics from the trip for you to enjoy.  If you are interested in learning more, visit Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.  The show will be up at the Kolb Studio till January.

More stories from the trip in the next post.  For now, I’ll leave you with some of the artwork…

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  1. This is awesome. I’ve just read the article on the Outdoor, Plein Air website. Very inspiring and good to hear of other artists doing the same kind of thing as me. I’ve been working on a collection of work of New Zealand’s backcountry huts. I agree with you, it’s not just for anyone! Lots of walking! But I’m glad it wasn’t so hot as got. That sounded exhausting. All the best for the show!!

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  2. *sorry, mistake correction: ‘I’m glad it wasn’t as hot as the heat you got in the Canyon’.


  3. Stunning! “Navajo Point” is especially wonderful. I admire your trek and ability to concentrate in such an awesome place.

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