Available Paintings

I hope you enjoy this selection of studio and plein air paintings.  They range from The Grand Canyon to Ireland to Morocco to my favorite spots in Montana.  Click on any image for enlargements.  If you are interested in getting more information or purchasing a painting, contact me, or contact the gallery listed under the enlargements.


  1. Do you paint your oils and pastels on Strada easel? What about watercolors — is the easel useful when traveling with watercolor supplies? Thanks for your help. I am updating my plein air equipment. Pat Anderson


  2. Am a big fan of your work !! on what surface to you make your pastel paintings ? how do you store and transport them when you work outdoors !!???


    • Sorry about the late reply- somehow I missed this one! I work on Pastelmat. Often I mount them to hardboard, and then transport them in a dry box (the kind you would use for oil.) If I’m hiking, I sandwich the paper between gatorboard and put glassine over each pastel.


  3. Hey Aaron you have awesome work…I am an artist as well…only do it part time…but was wondering how much success you’ve had selling your work? What do you charge for your originals? Thanks so much


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