2017 Workshops

“Not only is Aaron a talented artist, he is a splendid teacher as well. His in-the-field shared observations provided so many ‘ah ha’ moments. Like really seeing the cool and warm greens in a meadow depending on whether you are looking into or away from the sun. The complexity of colors in shadows. The use of charcoal sketches to fine tune a composition. He isn’t afraid to take on challenging demonstrations, probably because he succeeds in using every opportunity to create a lovely painting and show how to solve complex compositional problems.”  –Sheelagh Williams, workshop participant

  • March 24-26 Color and Composition Intensive. Bozeman, MT $325
  • June 11-13 Plein Air Pastel Idyllwild Arts, CA. Cost TBA
  • June 22-24 Plein Air Painting in Paradise. Livingston, MT $325
  • August 16-19 Plein Air and Studio. Dakota Art Workshops, Mt. Vernon, WA
  • October 3-13 Painting in Morocco! Dates: October 3-13. Cost: TBA 

Bozeman, MT: NEW! Color and Composition Intensive

Dates: March 24-26. Pastel and Oil. Cost: $350. Pastel and Oil

To Register contact me at aaronschuerr@gmail.com

After filming instructional videos for F+W Media, I have new ideas that I’d like to share! This workshop is designed to help step back from the finished painting and take a deeper look at composition and color.  Through exercises and demos you’ll learn to how to make confident color choices and  create bold compositions. We’ll relate the principals of color and composition to the landscape, and see how seemingly lofty concepts are really very practical.  Color and composition are the tools to express yourself in a more personal, distinct, and clear way.  We’ll examine color temperature, color and light, basic compositional types, understanding the initial sensation, common errors in composition and color, color layering, cropping, and many more topics.  Finally,  then we’ll dive into understanding how to take this new knowledge and make it your own. This workshop is not about learning “rules” of color and composition. It is about exploring  possibilities of personal expression.

Idyllwild, CA: Painting the Landscape in Pastel 

Dates: June 11-13. Cost: $495. Pastel

Registration opens February 1, 2017. To register click Idyllwild Pastel Workshop

Get ready to explore the beautiful Idyllwild campus and the surrounding countryside during this three-day plein air pastel painting workshop with award-winning artist Aaron Schuerr. Enjoy the beauty and challenge of painting in the field, and then learn how field studies can be used as a reference for studio paintings.  During our time outdoors, we’ll focus on simplification, fresh color, accurate drawing, dynamic composition, and discovering “the story” within the seeming complexity of nature.

Back in the studio we’ll analyze the plein air work and dig into the nuances of color, value, and composition. I’ll introduce the charcoal preparatory drawing as a fun and inventive way to plan a studio pastel.

This class will include demonstrations in the field and studio, friendly critiques, and plenty of one-on-one time. We’ll start from the thumbnail sketch and work through flat-color plane exercises before diving into longer plein air pastel sessions. The focus of the workshop will be on process over product, in learning to see in new and dynamic ways and work simply, directly, and with confidence.

Livingston, MT: Plein Air Painting in Paradise

Dates: June 22-24. Pastel and Oil. Cost: $350

For a registration form email me at aaronschuerr@gmail.com

Oil Materials List

Pastel Materials List

Paradise Valley Ranch

This is my chance to take you to the places that I know best!  From my studio in Livingston, Montana we will venture out to sites in beautiful Paradise Valley.  You’ll have the opportunity to paint on one of oldest ranches in the region, with a beautiful spring creek, cottonwood groves, meadows, mountains, and old ranch buildings to choose from.  I’ll walk you through fun painting exercises designed to break down the painting process. We’ll leave the easels and go on composition walks where I’ll show you how light affects color, how color changes in shadow, where to find reflected light and anything else that I discover.  I’ll diagram compositions and what makes them work, we’ll talk about color, color temperature, atmospheric perspective and other topics in a way that is practical and informative.  And yes, you will receive plenty of individual attention.  If that’s not enough, I even cook dinner for the class!  Convinced yet?

Dakota Art Center, WA: Study to Studio in Pastel 

Dates: August 16-19

Cost: TBA

Registration: http://www.dakotaartcenter.com/2017.html

Enjoy painting the beautiful Skagit Valley, and then learn how plein air painting can be used as a reference for larger studio pieces. We’ll spend two days working in the field, with emphasis on simplification, fresh color, accurate drawing, dynamic composition, and finding “the story” in the complexity of nature.

Back in the studio we’ll analyze the plein air work, individually and as a group, and I’ll introduce you to charcoal drawing as a direct and effective means to plan studio pastels. Finally, with the aid of a plein air study, a charcoal preparatory drawing, sketches, and perhaps a few photos, you’ll be able start a studio painting with confidence.

This class will include demonstrations in the field and studio, friendly critiques, and plenty of one-on-one time.

Artists in the Atlas: A Painting Adventure in Morocco


Dates: October 3-13

Cost: $2125

Registration: Contact me @ aaronschuerr@gmail.com

If you are looking for a transformationally unique experience, this is it. It is as much a cultural exchange as it is a painting trip. Imagine having tea with the Sheik after a day of painting, or visiting a Berber home to witness traditional weaving techniques, or having your painting gear packed into a village that is not accessible by road, and only got on the grid two years ago! Here towering peaks loom over terraced fields and traditional villages. The people are welcoming and the painting opportunities are endless! Though the area is rugged, our accommodations are anything but rugged, and the food is fantastic! If you would like more information, click the link below.

Artists in the Atlas

And please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!


  1. Any openings for the Ridgeway Workshop, might be interested.


  2. I would like information on your upcoming 2017 workshops.


  3. Aaron please send me a registration form for your June 22 – 24 workshop in Livingston. La Joy and I would love to come. Alice Hiatt


  4. Hi Aaron! Is there still availability in the Idyllwild workshop?


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